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My first game was "KillDeath" 5 years later, I've come back to show myself the progress I've made. 

Average run time about 5-10 minutes.

Best played with a controller.


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KIllDeath Again (Build 1.0).zip 27 MB
KillDeath Again (Build 1.1).zip 27 MB

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Just beat it. Lovely game, very authentic faux PSX look, challenging but not too difficult.

I did kinda cheese it though. If you press the dodge button twice quickly the character model kinda skips forward without an animation, bypassing all collision. Useful for avoiding enemies, not so useful when you end up skipping past the wall while fighting death and falling into the void below. It's a good thing you had the foresight to add a death trigger below the level.

Overall, a really cool short game. I especially liked the parody of the PSX bootup logos.

I cheese it sometimes too for speed runs. I discovered the dodge glitch early and liked it so much I put the death trigger below. (Though it's always a good idea to have a death trigger just incase)

And thank you for all the compliments. I was quite proud of my faux boot up.^^


Thank you for the video. It was super informative. 

^^; The issue with doing all the testing myself is that I get used to the difficulty. 

I certainly didnt mean it fo be that hard. I'll do some tweaks after work tomorrow. 

no problem …. very nostalgic game ..i think best time psx