Game Over.

Hey everyone,

After much thought, I've finally decided it's time to admit that I can no longer complete this game as it is. 

I haven't meaningfully touched it since I got Covid, as the systems I made are so messy that every time I try to I get overwhelmed simply relearning how it was all put together. 

I'm going to leave it public for the time being for preservations sake, in case anyone still wants to see what was. 

I am happy that so many of you enjoyed these characters as much as I do, and I do fully intend to make a game with them in future. Attempting to align it closer to my original vision before I pared it down for the game jam. 

I apologize to anyone who was really excited for the game as it played. I hope whatever comes next will still be of interest to you. Though whatever comes next... may be a long while off. 

Thank you for your patience!

-Vladimere Lhore

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I'm sad to hear this is cancelled, since I loved the demo and the characters, and was pulled in by the events as they unfolded. I'll certainly be interested in future projects!

Very sorry to hear about catching covid. I hope you are on the mend.


This was a really cool demo - I remember being very intrigued by the concept and execution when you released it. I'm bummed it won't be completed in its original form, but I do admire when an artist can decisively close the door on a concept. I'm excited to see what you put out next!


Aw, that's a bummer. Sad to hear you caught the rona, hope you're doing OK now.

Hopefully you'll find a workflow that works for you and we'll see more from the Paranormal Investigation Club in the future. Good luck and take care!


A shame, as I quite liked what was here. Still, I'll be interested to see what comes from its ashes once you've recovered.


That's sad to hear. Thanks for keeping the demo up, tho. Stay safe.